Ontario Police Public Safety News is published and distributed, throughout the year, reaching readers throughout GTA  and different regions of Ontario. It is dedicated to safety practices such as crime prevention and to improving the relationship between police and the citizens within the community.

Ontario Police Public Safety News provides factual information on public safety and community counseling.

It is a non-political publication committed to improving community awareness regarding problematic issues such as street crimes, alcoholism, drug abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, safety for senior citizens and to provide direct information on help available.

With an emphasis on a positive effort, this public safety publication includes success stories about our police and rehabilitation activities in our community.

Ontario Police Public Safety News carries information concerning volunteer requirements and contact points for safety-related charities and community service organizations.

The issue that we are currently preparing focuses on the drug abuse problems that our communities face and the help that is available. However, because the Ontario Police Public Safety News, an independent publication, it is not operated nor staffed by any police force and distributed to the community free of charge, we rely on the support and sponsorship of the business community. Working together, Ontario Police Public Safety news hopes to make a great difference in the overall health and safety of our community.

We greatly appreciate your support.